Our Pledge

At Inspire Homes, we stand by every home we sell.

Genuine fixed price

An Inspire build contract includes everything you would expect to get when you build your home.

Take a look at our specifications: our price includes a full driveway, letterbox, landscaping, blinds and many of the things other builders will charge you extra for.

With an Inspire build, the price on the contract is the final price*. Guaranteed.

Inspire Standard

Every home built by Inspire is personally overseen by our director. Every home gets built with care. No short cuts, no “lowest price wins” approach when engaging trades and, most of all, no “stamp out as many as we can” mentality.

We may offer highly competitive prices, but that doesn’t mean an inferior product. We simply care about what we hand over to you. Our real estate agency, Inspire Real Estate, has operated with the same mindset since 2009.


Every home we design and build goes through a rigorous process. Our interiors are designed with tasteful flair and with practical functionality in mind.

We don’t forget your garden either: all our homes come landscaped, comprehensively planted and ready lawned to ensure a nice turf from day one.

And we use materials sourced from reputable local suppliers with a history of success.


This market leading guarantee allows you and your family to rest easy. Registered Master Builders are there to help should anything go wrong with your home build or renovation. They’ll sort out any issues and finish your home to the highest standard.

The Master Build 10-Year Guarantee has been developed in New Zealand, for New Zealand families, and it’s designed to suit modern building needs. Over the past 25 years Master Build have protected more than 140,000 homes. Only a Registered Master Builder can offer you a Master Build 10-Year Guarantee.

Every Inspire new build carries this fantastic guarantee at no cost to you. It’s peace of mind – guaranteed.